The Twelve Months



Produced by SBS New Media and Film Victoria.
Festival 35mm version produced by Cartwheel Partners Pty Limited
Directed and Animated by Jonathan Nix
Adapted by Jonathan Nix
Edited by Jeremy Parker
Script Editor Polly Watkins
Executive Directors for Cartwheel Partners Andrew Etheridge and Anna McFarlane
Duration 8:05
Technique 2D/3D Computer
Completed 2005
Produced by Cartwheel Partners / SBS New Media and Film Victoria.
Music and Sound by Jonathan Nix and Miles Nicholas
Musicians Jonathan Nix, Miles Nicholas, Kathryn Brownhill, Michelle Ingman
Character voices Libby Morris and Kathryn Brownhill
Ink and Paint Jonathan Nix and Kathryn Brownhill
Rag Doll trained by Vernon Pid
Format 35mm with DDS / Digital Betacam / Betacam SP / DVD with 5.1


No rag dolls were harmed in the making of this film.




Cartoon Club, Festival of Animated Cinema Italy 2004
China International Digital Animation Festival China 2004
Australian Effects and Animation Festival Australia 2004
Les nuits Magiques France 2004
Flickerfest International Film Festival Australia 2005
Animac International Animation Festival Spain 2005
Freeze-Frame International Film Festival Canada 2005
BUFF International Children’s Film Festival Sweden 2005
Festival Bimini Latvia 2005
Tehran International Animation Festival Iran 2005
Philadelphia International Film Festival America 2005
Aspen Shorts fest America 2005
Fitzroy Shorts Australia 2005
FRAMES Ficci festival India 2005
Melbourne International Film Festival Australia 2005
Melbourne International Animation Festival Australia 2005
St Kilda International Film Festival Australia 2005
San Diego International Children’s Film Festival America 2005
Cartoons on the Bay International Festival and Conference on Television Animation Italy 2005
Fitzroy Shorts Melbourne 2005




Les Nuits Magiques, France   Youth Jury Award for Best Film, 2004
FICCI 'FRAMES' BAF Awards, India   Best Short Film - Professional Category, 2005
Equinox Film Festival, Australia   Finalist - Best Sound, 2005
Short Soup Film Festival , Australia   Finalist - Best Film, 2005
Bradford Animation Festival, UK   Finalist - Best Children's Film, 2005
ATOM Awards, Australia   Finalist - Best Animation, 2005
Miami International Film Festival   Best Animation, 2005
Cairo International Film Festival for Children, Egypt   Bronze Award for Cartoon, 2006



The Twelve Months Dialogue and Credits with Timecode


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