Written, Directed and Animated by Jonathan Nix
Edited by Jeremy Parker
Sound and Music by Jonathan Nix and Kathryn Brownhill
Musicians Jonathan Nix, Kathryn Brownhill - violin, Ralf Rehak - drum loops, Simon Bates - harmonica, Peter Knight - trumpet
Gustavo's voice by Nicholas Hope
Duration 4:20
Technique Hand Drawn Ink on Paper, 2D/3D Computer
Format 35mm, Dolby Digital Surround
Completed 2006
Executive Producers for Cartwheel Partners Andrew Etheridge and Anna McFarlane
Produced by Cartwheel Partners Pty Limited




Philadelphia Film Festival, USA   SICAF, Korea
Singapore Shorts Festival, Singapore   Over the Fence Comedy Festival, Perth, Australia
Animamundi, Brazil   FICCI-Frames, India
Bimini, Itlay   Sydney Film Festival Dendy Awards, Australia
Melbourne International Animation Festival, Australia   Melbourne International Film Festival, Australia
BAF, UK   Message to Man, Russia
Tabor Film Festival, Croatia   Taiwan International Film Festval, Taiwan
Uppsala International Short Film Festival, Sweden   Norwich Animation Festival, UK
Recontres International, Paris/Berlin   St Louis International Film Festival, USA
FIKE, Portugal   PUSAN, Korea
Tirana, Albania   Cinanima, USA
Miami Short Film Festival, USA   Flickerfest, Australia
AnimaCor - Cordoba, Spain   Rio de Janiero Short Film Festival, Brazil
Canberra Short Film Festival, Australia   San Francisco Film Festival, USA






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